• Thoughts on gender stereotypes and discrimination in advertising

    14.08.2017 - Sprache: English > Felix Hofer

    The use of stereotypes with gender discrimination in advertising is not exactly a new issue. Recently the Press reported about the ASA in the UK announcing new standards, meant to offer the advertising industry guidelines, specifically dealing with the use of gender stereotypes in advertising.

  • DPA offers guidelines for protecting personal information on vacation

    05.08.2017 - Sprache: English > Felix Hofer

    The Italian Information Commissioner, feeling that people, while on vacation, tend to have a – sometimes excessively – relaxed attitude and to adopt less caution as to their personal data, issued an alert on the DONTs to consider while vacationing at the beaches or in the mountains.

  • Tougher times for influencers on the horizon.

    27.07.2017 - Sprache: English > Felix Hofer

    The Italian Market and Fair Competition Commissioner - the local Anti-Trust Authority, also in charge of preventing and pursuing misleading advertising practices – is focusing its attention on influencer marketing on social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat, Myspace.

  • Italian Supreme Court gives ‘green light’ to national implementation of foreign decisions awarding ‘punitive damages’.

    18.07.2017 - Sprache: English > Felix Hofer

    Until a few years back, uniform case-law of the Italian Supreme Court considered ‘punitive damages’ as incompatible with the basic principles of the local legal system and any ‘deterrent’ effect – over a compensatory one – as outside of the scope of a civil action. Therefore, foreign decisions awarding such damages usually could not get enforced in Italy.

  • Italian House about to issue rules for influencer marketing

    10.07.2017 - Sprache: English > Felix Hofer

    Social media marketing has nowadays to consider the impact of the 'influencers', gathering huge numbers of followers and collecting increasing compensations from advertisers, interested in taking advantage of the hype these ‘online VIPs’ are capable to give to their products or services.

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