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HLT was founded in 1990 in Firenze, Italy. Today the firm relies on five partners and on the professional support of other cooperating lawyers, active in the firm’s offices in Firenze and Bolzano. In addition, HLT has a stable business relationship with a law firm located in Frankfurt/Main. It is also part to an international network of law firms with a special focus on marketing and advertising law, the Global Advertising Lawyers’ Alliance.

HLT provides interdisciplinary legal services to local and foreign clients whose businesses require assistance either under European or Italian Regulations. Clients appreciate the firm for its service level in the areas of civil and administrative law as well as in some niche sectors, such as IP, commercial communication and privacy regulations.

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Commercial communication to minors

17 December 2014 - Language: English

Commercial communication directed to minors always resulted challenging to advertisers, requiring them to adopt special attention to the potential impact promotional messages are likely to convey to this peculiar target group. 

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Seminario - 'Ambush Marketing' - Seminar

12 December 2014 - Language: English

With the Universal Exhibition 2015 to start in a few months in Milan (Italy) ‘Ambush Marketing’ is more than ever a hot topic. Therefore the Italian Section of AIPPI has organized a workshop, to take place in Milan on January 12th (at the premises of the local Bar Association).

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