• IP dispute around dog pet accessories

    06/10/2017 - Language: English > Felix Hofer

    IP dispute around dog pet accessories: ‘luxury’ can imply distinctiveness. The take away from a recent case: ‘distinctive character’ has not necessarily to rely on something ‘new’ or completely ‘original’. Just using or combining in a way elements commonly in use in a business sector may result sufficient to achieve a specifically identifying status of a certain product.

  • Procurement contracting for commercials

    04/27/2017 - Language: English > Felix Hofer

    A First Instance Court in Milan was called to deal with a dispute between a local company producing advids and a renown foreign car manufacturer. The dispute surfaced after the produced video commercial was modified and reworked by the latter with the author's name being cancelled.

  • Italian IP Court decides in defense of the design model of the Vespa scooter

    04/20/2017 - Language: English > Felix Hofer

    The Vespa brand - created in the 40ies and still around today, with models’ styling obviously adapted to technological development and varying trends - is testimony of an unrivalled success story, as almost all scooters worldwide owe a little to the design of the Vespa. Well, some of the competing products maybe owing a little too much, in the view of the company owning the brand. 

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