• How to (not) use your (Ad)lawyer (?)!

    21.03.2018 - Sprache: English > Felix Hofer

    Dropping ‘jargonese’ and buzzwords is not always easy. Some of them, we are so fond of that we struggle to do without them. How could we possibly cut out of our daily language expressions/buzz phrases such as:

    “Omnichannel“, “Open the kimono”, “Blockchain technology”, “Red teaming”, “Get the ducks in a row“, “Blue sky thinking”, “Ideas shower”?

  • When your ads touch on sensitive areas

    15.02.2018 - Sprache: English > Felix Hofer

    Sometimes advertisers learn a hard lesson – and pay a hefty price – when their commercial communication ends up touching on areas the targeted public turns out to be extremely sensitive about.

  • 2018 ANA Advertising Law & Public Policy Conference in Washington DC (March 14-15, 2018):

    10.02.2018 - Sprache: English > Felix Hofer

    Felix Hofer, senior partner at Florence (Italy) based law firm HLT, speaks again at this ANA annual event.

    Felix Hofer, partner dello studio legale HLT di Firenze, sarà nuovamente fra i relatori di questo evento annuale.

    Felix will be sitting on the opening panel, which – under the challenging title of “Opening Salvos” – is meant to offer conference attendees tips and practical advice for structuring their ad campaigns and using their legal counsels.

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