• Careful with your claims when offering Internet connection plans! The Italian Market and Competition Commissioner serves hefty fines to all major providers

    07/05/2018 - Lingua: English > Felix Hofer

    Italy used to one of the countries in Europe with a relatively ‘low’ Internet penetration rate.  However, over the last years, Italians have rapidly changed their attitude, are now spending a significant amount of time on the Internet. Hence, all major players providing Internet access are bombarding the local people with their marketing campaigns, diffused through different media, and offering appealing connection plans. Local Regulatroy Authorities are not happy with all promotional claims.

  • How to (not) use your (Ad)lawyer (?)!

    21/03/2018 - Lingua: English > Felix Hofer

    Dropping ‘jargonese’ and buzzwords is not always easy. Some of them, we are so fond of that we struggle to do without them. How could we possibly cut out of our daily language expressions/buzz phrases such as:

    “Omnichannel“, “Open the kimono”, “Blockchain technology”, “Red teaming”, “Get the ducks in a row“, “Blue sky thinking”, “Ideas shower”?

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