• Il Diritto alla Privacy in ambito europeo e internazionale

    23/01/2018 - Lingua: English > Felix Hofer

    L'incrementata misura di informazioni personali presenti sui Social Media implica un aumentato rischio di trattamento illecito degli stessi e pone delicati problemi rispetto a diversi ambiti dell'interagire sociale a livello sia individuale che collettivo.

  • ‘Making Fun’: A minefield for advertising campaigns

    03/01/2018 - Lingua: English > Felix Hofer

    On several occasions I had a chance to report about advertising pitfalls, showing how risky it is when a campaign tries to rely on fun or to use a ‘humorous approach’ to a critical topic.

  • Protecting concepts and ideas for ad campaigns

    14/12/2017 - Lingua: English > Felix Hofer

    Under Italian IP law you cannot protect (relying on copyright provisions) 'ideas', but only the tangible results of their execution. A recent Supreme Court decisions offers interesting openings to the ad industry.

  • So, you feel that you have come up with a truly funny ad or commercial. Not everybody may agree with your fun perception!

    22/11/2017 - Lingua: English > Felix Hofer

    Commercial communication often is ‘pushed to the edge’ to draw attention from the targeted audience. Sometimes, advertisers and their agencies think that ‘fun’ is also a smart way to achieve the same result. But ‘fun perception’ is a tricky issue: what you might feel as hilarious, someone else could consider just as ‘bad taste’ or even as outrageously offensive

  • Italian Advertising SRO cracks down on gender stereotypes and sexism.

    04/10/2017 - Lingua: English > Felix Hofer

    In Italy, the local Advertising Self-Regulation Organization (I.A.P.), aware of the issues of gender stereotypes and sexism in commercial communication, is dedicating increased attention to the problem. During the last months temporary injunctions have halted several campaign messages perceived as incompliant with the standards of fair and correct marketing.

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