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I - 50136 - Firenze
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Via Michelozzo, 24
I - 59100 - Prato

Via Dante, 20/A
I - 39100 - Bolzano
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Silvia graduated from Law with honours in 1997 from the University of Florence, having completed a thesis on private law on “Unfair Competition”, before commencing her training by attending the Legal Sciences department at the same university and gaining legal practice working at a well-known firm in Prato for three years, specialising in civil and administrative law.

In 2001, Silvia was accepted to the Bar Association, being enlisted in in the Registry of Lawyers of Prato in 2002, at which point she began collaborating with the Studio HLT before coming a partner in 2005.

Main areas of practice

Within the Studio, Silvia is the main contact for civil litigation - supporting the other professionals working therein who avail of her extensive experience that extends across all pertinent fields, being essentially economic matters entrusted to the ordinary judicial authorities, such as contract, real estate property rights, real estate purchases and sales, bankruptcy, compensation and succession matters. Silvia has experience in criminal litigation, supporting her criminal lawyer colleagues whereby the defence requires solutions for issues pertaining to civil law.

Even so, litigation activities comprise a minor aspect of her tasks, with her time predominantly spent on ongoing advice provided to businesses and individuals, having a marked fortitude for achieving the desired result extrajudicially, aware that a client’s best defence often comes - whereby possible - from the prevention of litigation, achieved both pre-emptively through an informed establishment and drafting of contractual texts upon “the problem” arising, enacting her policy of conducting negotiations aimed at the solution thereof.

The issues with which she is most involved concern real estate, leases, rents, contracts and large sales structures, distribution contracts, agency and bankruptcy matters.


Italian, English