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Via Carlo Botta, 2
I - 50136 - Firenze
Tel. 055 5535166 - Fax : 055 578230

Via Michelozzo, 24
I - 59100 - Prato

Via Dante, 20/A
I - 39100 - Bolzano
Tel. 0471 051759 - Fax : 0471 051760


Silvia graduated in 1997 at the Faculty of Jurisprudence - University of Florence with a thesis on Unfair Competition, which was awarded with a cum laude rating. She then stared her training both, by attending the University's special educational courses for law professionals as well as by practicing as a trainee with a law firm in Prato, active in the areas of civil and administrative law.

Licensed as a lawyer in 2001, she registered with the Bar Association in Prato in 2002 and then joined the law firm Hofer-Loesch-Torricelli in Firenze, where she is a partner since 2005.

Languages: Italian, English

Main areas of practice

Silvia has been counseling private and corporate clients over the years, but has also developed a significant experience in litigation and performs as one of the firm's reference contacts when court action is required in areas such as damage compensation, real estate, breach of contracts, inheritance and testamentary successions.