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HLT was founded in 1990 in Firenze, Italy. Today the firm relies on five partners and on the professional support of other cooperating lawyers, active in the firm’s offices in Firenze and Bolzano. In addition, HLT has a stable business relationship with a law firm located in Frankfurt/Main. It is also part to an international network of law firms with a special focus on marketing and advertising law, the Global Advertising Lawyers’ Alliance.

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Careful with your claims when offering Internet connection plans! The Italian Market and Competition Commissioner serves hefty fines to all major providers

7 May 2018 - Language: English > Felix Hofer

Italy used to one of the countries in Europe with a relatively ‘low’ Internet penetration rate.  However, over the last years, Italians have rapidly changed their attitude, are now spending a significant amount of time on the Internet. Hence, all major players providing Internet access are bombarding the local people with their marketing campaigns, diffused through different media, and offering appealing connection plans. Local Regulatroy Authorities are not happy with all promotional claims.

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