The firm

The law firm Hofer - Lösch - Torricelli was founded in 1990, when three of the current partners decided to pool together their previous professional experiences. Today the firm is composed of five equity partners and a number of associates and trainees; it has its main location in Firenze (Italy), a secondary office in Bolzano (Italy) and a subsidiary in Frankfurt/Main (Germany).
Over the years a stable business cooperation - on a "best friends" basis - has been established with law firms in France, Germany, the United Kingdom and in the United States. Hofer - Lösch - Torricelli provides legal services - in English, French, German and Italian - to local and foreign clients whose businesses require legal assistance either under European or national regulations.

The firm's work is concentrated both on counselling as well as on litigation in the following areas of practice: civil and administrative law, commerce and regulated businesses, intellectual property rights, e-commerce and protection of personal data, real estate, land planning and construction law, call for tenders, environment, regulations on energy sources and contract law. Having acted - and still acting - as general counsel for a number of local municipalities, the firm has also achieved significant experience in the area of regulated businesses from both sides, the in-side one (i.e. under the public administration's perspective) and the out-side one (i.e. from the position of the applicant seeking official approval or initiating administrative procedures with a local authority).The firm has contributed to the constitution and development of the Global Advertising Lawyers' Alliance, an international network present in more than 60 countries, that links full service law firms with a special focus on marketing and advertising law, sales promotions and intellectual property rights.



Areas of practice

The firm is active in the traditional general practice areas of civil and administrative law. Additionally HLT provides counselling and litigation services both, to companies and public corporations as well as to private clients in a range of specific sectors, which may be summarized as follows:

  • regulated economic activities of public interest, such as: procurement of public services or supplies, land planning, partnerships between private and public entities;
  • private initiatives performed both, individually as well as in cooperation, requiring a specific legal structure, such as: associations, foundations, not-for-profit organizations, trusts, cultural entities;
  • economic activities subject to specific regulatory requirements, such as: retail and distributions chains, fairs and exhibitions, management of intellectual and industrial properties, marketing and commercial promotions (both on a local as well as on an international level).

Through accurate service integration the firm offers its clients adequate support for conceiving and managing projects of complex structure. Moving from a long-standing experience, the firm is highly sensitive in developing strategies for preventing or solving critical situations by assisting clients in their decision-making processes at any level. A peculiar focus is constantly put onto options apt to avoid litigation as much as possible or at least to reduce court action mainly to situations which cannot be dealt with differently. Litigation and assistance in arbitration procedures are offered and performed at any level of domestic jurisdiction, except for criminal cases.

Counselling includes cooperation in education and training companies management, staff and sales force or public administration's officials. Such services are performed by organizing and conducting seminars, workshops or boot camps focusing on new or upcoming regulatory requirements and on amendments of existing procedural schemes (e. g. the firm was called to train in-house counsel and staff of a district chief town in contracts' drafting techniques; recently HLT has instructed security managers of a major retailer on privacy issues and legal problems related to electronic surveillance and monitoring). As general counsel of public administrations the firm has contributed to the drafting both, of municipal statutes as well as of regional bills and regulations governing land-planning and energy sources

During the years the firm has been active in areas such as:

  • Real estate transactions and construction (providing comprehensive counselling for purchases or sales, leases, construction and zoning projects, urban development, renewal or reclamation, drafting of master plans, service agreements, expropriation procedures for public utilities);
  • Corporate law (with a focus on acquisitions or constitution of legal entities, shareholder agreements, contracts' drafting, establishment of businesses and enterprises, bankruptcy proceedings);
  • Management and protection of immaterial rights and intellectual property (trade marks, copyright, denominations of origin, use of names and images, license and user agreements);
  • Marketing campaigns, commercial communication at large, sales promotions, sales through new media or virtual platforms, agency contracts, auctions, e-commerce and related legal issues (e. g. processing and transfer of personal data, providers' liability);
  • Regulatory aspects and related litigation before ordinary and administrative courts (public control on environment, energy sources, trade, retail and distribution, fairs and exhibitions, air transportation, security and accident prevention, tourism, fair and free competition, health care services, government licences, contracts for purposes of public procurement of services or supplies);
  • Land or town planning and urban zoning both, privately as well as publicly promoted (public tenders, urban development or renewal agreements, subsidized or public housing, parcelling of building sites, construction permits, environment regeneration, buildings' clearance).

Languages: English, French, German