The firm

The HLT law firm has been operating since 1990, upon being founded by the Attorneys Hofer, Lösch and Torricelli. The firm offers judicial assistance and advisory services to private and corporate clients in the various branches of the law, especially focused on real estate law within the territory along with infrastructure, company, and public service matters, flanked by commerce and trade fairs.

The experience and the size of the studio, today consisting of 7 attorneys (of which 4 are partners), ensure the provision of customised services and direct care of our clients. The collaboration between attorneys with extensive experience and young minds who have grown up within the studio provides the opportunity to address issues from different perspectives, facilitating the search for informed and innovative solutions, in the context of a matured familiarity of institutions, their social and economic function, and the evolution of the interpretative guidelines. Supporting the professional work of the staff are three employees, being variously in contact with the customers, even partaking in specific tasks such as accounting, secretarial and information gathering necessary for the set-up of the practices. We define the goals together with the client before knowingly constructing the pathways to achieve the best possible result within the agreed time-frame.

The firm provides clients with the necessary support for implementing and managing complex projects, availing of established relationships with other legal, economic and technical entities where needed, as well as integrating in the working groups selected by our customers and their consultants. Real estate transactions are accompanied by the appropriate guidance, in coordination with trusted technicians. The prevention and resolution of critical issues come via assisting the client in the development of decision-making processes, at whatever level they arise, with the purpose of avoiding or limiting litigation procedures. The litigation activities (preceded, where obligatory or appropriate, by assisted mediation or negotiations) are handled in each jurisdiction and as part of arbitration, to the exclusion of criminal proceedings for which, however, consultation is offered to fellow criminal lawyers in the areas of our expertise. Our consultation and assistance work also extends to collaborations in the training individuals or groups of officials in public authorities both for the sales force or management and technician sectors in private enterprises. The firm's lawyers are able to correspond fluently in Italian, German, French, English and Spanish.



Areas of practice

Over time, the firm has been involved with particular frequency in:

  • real estate transactions (sales, leases);
  • corporate law (constitutions, company acquisitions and mergers, consortia, and relationships between shareholders);
  • agency relationships and acting as commercial representative for both local and foreign subjects;
  • proceedings regarding enterprises experienceing economic crises and the management of claims;
  • private initiatives, both individual and collective, that require special forms of organisation (associations, foundations, trusts, institutions, NGOs, third-sector activities);
  • public management of economic activities (with regard to the public aspects especially concerning trade and distribution, trade shows, safety and prevention, procurement, tourism, public utility services);
  • urban planning and construction, plus public and private construction and transformation of buildings, urban restoration or redevelopment projects, and land reclamation operations;
  • assets also subject to succession.

The studio's areas of operation are determined by the integration of competences in private, commercial and administrative law, predominately relating to regulated economic activities and institutions with public shares, along with competition law, from various perspectives and viewpoints. The firm provides regular advice and assistance in the construction of the various contractual aspects and business regulation in handling patrimony and relationships between businesses. In this context, it regularly carries out activities concerning the adaptation of the business organisations upon the introduction of new regulations, such as in the area of consumer protection, marketing, and the recent changes to personal data processing.

The experience in the real estate sector and production activities, with elements of administrative law, comes from years of providing legal assistance to individuals and companies (large-scale distribution, tourism, construction, large commercial hubs), mainly concerning out-of-court advice on ongoing management in civil and commercial law, and providing legal assistance in court proceedings before all civil and administrative courts. The assistance provided to individuals is mainly directed towards the protection of patrimony in its broadest sense, including contracts, a better and safer utilisation of such resources, litigation to resolve any problem of a certain economic importance, including the restoration of damage and personal protection.