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After graduating from high school in Merano (Bolzano) and completing a law degree in Florence, she began training and working at a well-known Florentine labour law studio in 1984, before continuing from 1987 with the Studio Torricelli, focused on activities concerning civil, commercial and administrative alliances. She has also undertaken notarial procedures and gained experience in Germany with a studio in Frankfurt am Main, also in the field of civil/commercial law.

Together with her colleagues, she founded Hofer & Torricelli in 1990, one of the first professional associations between lawyers in Florence, where she also fulfilled the role of Managing Partner.

Registered with the Bar Association of Florence; until 2022 also in Germany (register of foreign lawyers until 1998 in Munich, since 1999 in Frankfurt/Main; since 2001 register of European lawyers held by the Frankurt/Main Bar Association).

She has been authorised to practice before all higher courts since 2000. 

Main areas of practice

Susanna’s professional experience and expertise is predominantly and particularly in the real estate sector, dedicated to production activities and administrative law, gained from years of providing legal assistance to individuals and companies (large-scale distribution, tourism, construction, large commercial hubs), mainly concerning out-of-court advice on ongoing management in civil and commercial law, also leading to civil litigation.

As expert in corporate contract management, Susanna has had the opportunity to develop skills in consulting organisations regarding the so-termed third sector.


Italian, German.